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N.C. Concealed Carry Course

This 8 hour course consists of classroom training, followed by a written test and shooting qualification. Completion of course, will allow students to apply for their NC CCH permit with their local sheriff department.

Handgun and  Ammunition

Handgun 101: Pistol Familiarization Course

This course is for all beginner/novice shooters and first time gun owners or those planning to purchase their first pistol. Handgun 101 is an educational and interactive course. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of a handgun from: the difference between revolvers and semiautomatic pistols, understanding ammunition and how it works, nomenclature, safety practices, shooting fundamentals, cleaning/maintenance, etc. Range time is included.


Individual & Group Private Lessons

Lessons vary from session to session and depends on the students needs and experience level. A consultation is required to book a one on one session or private group session. Call for pricing.

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