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  • *What are the age requirements to shoot at the range?
    To take this course and qualify with your firearm you must be 18years of age.
  • *Are you an indoor or outdoor range?
    Our range is a private outdoor range. It is only to be used by us and landowners.
  • *Do you offer any type of discounts?
    We offer discounts for active duty military, DD-214 holders, LEO, firefighters, and EMT/Paramedics with the appropriate Identification.
  • *Is there a dress code?
    Yes, we DO NOT allow open-toed shoes, tank tops, short shorts, or low cut tops. This is a safety issue, not a fashion issue. You will also need to dress appropriately for any weather on the day of your class.
  • *What firearms can I use at the range?
    If the firearm is legal and can be fired safely, you can shoot it at our range. All firearms must have iron sights or optics. All firearms must have a trigger guard. Approval of the weapon rest solely with the instructor.
  • *I am a new shooter. Will someone be able to teach me about using my weapon?
    Our instructor that is on the range will ensure shooter safety and provide basic assistance learning about your firearm. If you need further training on your firearm, need to learn how to shoot, or want to improve your shooting skills, you will need to sign up for one of our private classes or book a time with our instructor for one-on one instruction.
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