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Armed by Allen, LLC was founded in January of 2021 by Jalil Allen Sr., Owner.  Our aim is to Educate, Cultivate, and Motivate. While searching for concealed carry classes and other firearm related classes/trainings there wasn’t many in my area. All of a sudden, the idea popped in my head and I began the journey to become an instructor; and start Armed by Allen, LLC. I decided to fill a much needed void, and I felt obligated to bring these type of classes to my community.  From my perspective, gun ownership and the topics surrounding it are somewhat taboo in the African American community; as well as instructors to teach and train people.  I want to try and remove the stigma that’s associated with people of color and guns.  I want to encourage those who are interested in firearms to feel comfortable and not ashamed to ask questions regarding guns; and get the help they need to make their first firearm purchase or help learning how to safely and responsibly operate a gun. Gun ownership is a right for everyone and I want to help those that might not be sure on how to go about getting them and their concealed carry permit.  Armed by Allen, LLC is for anyone who is interested in firearms, getting their concealed carry permit, as well as individual and group firearm training.  Our classes are judgement free and we welcome people from all shooting and firearm backgrounds from first time gun owners to experienced shooters.

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