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Jalil Allen

Coming from New Jersey, I was not familiar with firearms or knew anyone who owned a gun.  I knew Police Officers carried them, people who hunt use them, and they were used illegally by criminals, but being from NJ gun ownership is not common at all.  It wasn’t until I moved to North Carolina as a kid, when I had my first experience with a firearm.  It was then after getting my first BB gun, I knew one day I wanted to have one. I didn’t fire my first real weapon until I was in middle school and now I’m a certified NC Concealed Carry Instructor (2020) and a certified NRA instructor (2020). My company is for people like myself, those who didn’t grow up around guns and those who aren’t familiar with them. We encourage people from all backgrounds and experience levels to come “GET CERTIFIED!” with us here at Armed by Allen, LLC.

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